Monday 8th July 2024

Monday 8th July 2024

Weather: Another cold frosty start to the morning with low winds and blue skies.

Tongariro river flow:  28.4 m3/sec

For those willing to brave the cold starts there are some good condition fish to be caught early morning, with the rivers running fairly clear as well there's some excellent sight fishing still to be had once the sun gets high enough. With the rivers still quite clear its predominately natural patterns on the menu, small egg patterns still have their place though. I've found to find the fish keep moving through pools & runs. Fishing the tail end of the runs or the faster shallow water has been a good producer for myself. Rosie and I managed to sneak out to the Delta early Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised to be the only boat out there. The fishing was fairly slow, we managed one beautifully conditioned fish into the boat on an egg pattern before the southerly wind got up and made it unpleasant.

The winter fishing is really starting to heat up with the mountains having some more snow on them. Consistently the numbers of fish in the Tongariro are increasing, it's still early days and plenty of fish to be caught and more coming.

Josh Hart