Saturday 11th June 2022

Saturday 11th June 2022

It has dawned dark and gloomy in Turangi this morning with some thundery rain showers. Not the most pleasant conditions to be standing out in the river and difficult to get out of a warm bed but this can get the Trout fired up. Looks like the Tongariro has had a couple of flushes and popped the flow up to 90cumec overnight. It had dropped down to a fishable 45cumec by this morning but as we put this report together the rainstorms that have rolled through have got it back up to 130cumec. It might be worth working the edges with a black woolly bugger in the coloured water but at this height it might be a better day for sitting at the vise punching out some goodies to tempt the Trout when conditions improve. The smaller streams have also had a rise but depending on where the rain has fallen the Hinemaiaia and Waitahanui rivers might the best of the available options.

The NZ Indicator tool has been with us for a while now and has helped improve our approach when searching out bottom hugging Rainbows. Being able to quickly change to the depth required puts the odds in our favour. During the Winter period where heavier weights are needed a large indicator will be required. Trying to stuff enough wool into the smaller tubing will result in the plastic splitting, this is where the larger tubing comes into it's own. Two strands of wool from the dispensing spool will easily slip into the larger tubing and holds well in 8lb mono. There is plenty on the shelf in store or grab some from the online shop...... XL tubing 

Nothing spoils a day quicker than a jacket that lets in more water than it keeps out so if you need an upgrade there is plenty to choose from here in Sporting Life and online. The Guideline Alta Jacket has been popular and with only L and XL available be quick and snap up one of these before they are gone.

The Tongariro looked a picture at 8am today but will look a bit different to this now.

All dressed up to party