Saturday 11th  March 2023

Saturday 11th March 2023

It's a beautiful sunny day in Turangi and the town is full of activity with the market day outside the mall and anglers making the routine trip to the bakery. The Maintenace on the Poutu canal continues to keep the Tongariro flowing at 55.4m3/sec with a slight green tinge that is perfect for those wanting to indicator nymph or wet line. 


The brown trout continue to make their way up the river with some beautiful fish being caught both during daylight and nighttime hours. Nymphing during the day with size 16 Category 3 CTB Hare & Copper pair with a size 10 Category 3 101 has been a top producer during the day, whilst the ever-faithful Black Rabbit has been taking numbers after dark. 

We have received a new swag of Patagonia lids to keep your domes looking good and protect you from those harsh UV rays out on the water. Check the range out online HERE.

Theresa and I are instore today, come in to say g'day and share some fishy stories on this beautiful day.