Saturday 15th of July 2023

Saturday 15th of July 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 26.5m3/sec

Weather: Mostly Cloudy/Windy 🌪🌤

If you've been out fishing in areas exposed to the gales howling through the central plateau, then you are an absolute trooper! It sure has been taxing on the body and mind being out in that wind. Blake is here for the long weekend and has done well getting to know the winter fishery and how fickle Tongariro trout can be! With determination and giving it his best efforts, he did remarkedly well covering the water and finding fish. Today he picked up a Sage R8 9'6" 6wt and the Redington Strike 10' 4wt put the new gear to the test and had great results!

Good stuff Blake! 

Shop Dad, Tarn and I are in store today! So, pop on in and get yourselves geared up! With the rivers seeing more anglers especially in the pools we recommend fishing the waters in-between, so look for tail outs, riffles, and pocket water as there will be fish throughout. If you plan to fish around others, please be fair to the angler who is already at the spot and communicate your intentions and make a plan from there. 

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