Saturday 15th of October 2022

Saturday 15th of October 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 28.2 m3/sec

Weather: Mostly Cloudy ⛅



AHREX fly hooks are designed by Scandinavian anglers for fly fishing worldwide. They are chemically sharpened, cover all types of water and fly variations. They are super strong and sharp, which is what appeals to most. 

Sporting Life - Turangi has expanded on the AHREX range covering all of your creative fly-tying needs for saltwater and freshwater. For our intruder/tube streamers we have been using the Tube Single in barbed (HR430) & barbless (HR431), and the Trailer Hook (HR482).

Tarn tied this last night in preparation for an evening out! Hopefully in the next report we will see it hooked in the mouth of a fish!


The jig hook range have been well used in all sizes for nymphs and for streamers, tied in wooly bugger and rabbit zonker style. The jig hook, namely the FW554 Cz Mini Jig in size 10 is my go-to as it allows for a longer body and larger profile. I find fish are generally hooked deep in the top of the jaw, which is an ideal hookset for me, and the streamer generally snags up less along the bottom as the hook is upturned - that's just my point of view based on my experience. 

 Check out our website or even better come visit the shop and see the display! 

The Major family hit up the Plateau for a spot of fishing and had themselves a ball before coming in to visit the other day. 
There are still a few fresh fish popping up so don't put aside the indicator rig just yet, as the wet/cold weather seems to linger. Our recommendation is to use natural flies, and as one of our customers says "not quite bombs" meaning try fishing with lighter nymphs. Glo-bugs are still working for some, but the smaller and natural nymphs are getting more bites from the better fish. The same concept applies to streamers, if you're not having any luck with large and heavy streamers try using a smaller/lighter version.