Saturday 16th of July 2022

Saturday 16th of July 2022

 Central North Is. Sunshine 

It's a beautiful sunny day here without wind or a cloud in the sky, there was a good dose of ice on the windscreen this morning so it would've been a mighty cold start for those who were out there before the sun showed up 🥶 

The Tongariro river is flowing at 45.5m3/sec and dropping so get out there for a fish - bring your caddis nymphs, glo-bugs, wooly buggers and rabbit streamers! 

The fishing has been going superbly well on the Tongariro since the recent rain and the dark coloured water from the slip has since cleared. Connor was fortunate enough to get out for a swing with the boys yesterday all hooking into good numbers/sizes of fresh run rainbows and a brown caught by Jason.

Gloves Galore! 

Enquires about gloves are on the rise and understandably so. Check out what we have online or come check out what we have in store.