Saturday 20th April 2024

Saturday 20th April 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 26.1 cumecs 

Weather: Cloudy and heavy rain forecast for the day

Last night I headed out to target stream mouth fishing after work which has been one of my favourite ways to fish the region over the summer, with so many stream mouths around Lake Taupo, all holding feeding brown trout and hungry rainbows, arriving in numbers as soon as the light leaves, there is endless fun to be had! I love using my Rio Fathom full sinking line in various weights depending on the depth of the rip you're fishing, and these fully sinking lines are great for fishing a boobie smelt/ bully fly on a short high lb tippet, so the little floating boobie fly is in prime position hovering above the fish feeding along the bottom. When I can't find fish in the bottom column, I put on a Pat Swift Lumo fly and away we go! Come and see us in store so we can talk you through the flies for every fishing occasion! We also have a great selection of fly tying material for you to create your own signature boobie flies, there's no better feeling than hooking up on your own tied fly!

We are seeing some great conditioned silver rainbows and some good browns amongst the recovering post spawning fish like this one here. We are confident that the winter fishing will be incredible after seeing all the previews of what's to come!

For all you winter fishers, you'll be pleased to know we have a big order of glo bugs, slushies, otter eggs & other egg patterns on the way to add to our already large selection of winter flies. Come and stock up ready for winter and we can advise you on egg patterns & styles for different water colour & depths.

This autumn weather is also a good time to swing wee wet emerger imitations on the change of light, we have a number of wee wets we can advise & some great spots & fly lines to try this fun way of fishing!

Great to see lots of our winter anglers in the store and replacing winter lines ready to get stuck. The spooling machine has been on to go! Remember we spool any instore bought fly lines on your reel & the backing comes free!

Happy fishing team!