Saturday 21st May 2022

Saturday 21st May 2022

The icy bite of winter has made itself known in Turangi over the past couple of days with some rather frigid conditions leading to the warm winter jackets and socks flying out the door! The Kaimanawas had a good dusting of snow overnight which is the first snow we have seen this year. The fishing has been the complete opposite with red hot action for a lot of anglers and some cracking fish to boot. From the reports we've had instore and our own missions around the place most of the rivers and rips in the Taupo area are producing good numbers of good conditioned fish and it should only get better from here on out!

Johnny and I took on the weather last night on the lake edge and it was well worth putting up with the abhorrent conditions with some solid fish coming on the chew throughout the evening. Always a favorite time of mine to fish as it generally means a lot less people around and more fish to catch! Floating lines with lumo flies did the damage. Johnny put the new Sage R8 690-4 to good use with some seriously chrome fish cartwheeling around in the darkness, definitely helped us forget about the frozen hands for a moment...

We have had a full restock of the Bridgedale and Comfort socks with a full range of the Merino and Possum Merino Blend socks now instore. Nothing worse than cold feet while on the water so make sure you're all set up for the cold months ahead!

Looks like some settled weather on the way so come in and get yourself geared up and we'll see you on the water!