Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Saturday 22nd of July 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 25.7m3/sec

Weather: Sunny/Windy


**** Found - wooden landing net from the Tongariro ***


It's good to see the sunshine on such a cold blustery day that's for sure! Neil, Tarn and I are in store today so come on in and get yourself geared up for an adventure on the plateau. There is some great fishing to be enjoyed amongst family and friends but if the lone wolf is more your style, we suggest having a wander as you'll find plenty of room between pools. 

Bridget and I each had a blast with the spey gear on the Tongariro yesterday, laughing our way through the tracks and pushing through the scrub. We used various wooly buggers which we have recently topped up in store. 

The river is low at present meaning the rocks along the bottom are slimy and as a result very slippery! So please take care when wading, we suggest staying within your limits while wearing a wading belt and utilising a wading staff for support.


Guideline folding carbon staff

Simms neoprene wading belt

On our adventure we came across someone who you might be familiar with or have witnessed his majestic casting. Wiri with his final catch of the day, and what might be a miniature bow of the Tongariro 😉