Saturday 23rd March 2024

Saturday 23rd March 2024

A rainy day today here in Turangi and the Tongariro continues to stay low and clear for now, flowing at 27 cumecs with some good reports today from people wetlining, swinging some of our favourite in-store woolly buggers and landing some good conditioned fish with a few reports of fresh rainbows slowly trickling up the river system.

Not a huge mm of rain due but plenty of showers, so don't get caught out out there without a jacket! We have a good range of rain coats to keep the elements at bay and keep us all out there fishing for longer. I personally love the great quality & affordability of the Patagonia Torrentshell rain jackets, lightweight & minimal so great under a fishing vest or backpack. Ventilation zips under the arms can be opened when doing the bigger river walk missions. And being Patagonia, they last! We also have all the waterproofing products by Nikwax to maintain your waterproofs & keep them going for years and years.

Our shop Dad Neil, hit the river last night for a go on the dry fly and produced a lovely conditioned rainbow on his favourite Parachute Madam X Size 10, for those who like to be able to see their dry nice and clearly on the water. Lacemoths continue to be a great option for dry fly action during the day, changing up to a skating caddis or green caddis emergers into the evening rise. Don't be afraid to tow your hard-to-see lacemoths & caddis behind a more visible dry fly for those like myself who struggle to keep an eye on those tiny flies that do the damage!

Other local rivers such as the Tauranga Taupo have good numbers of brown trout to target on the edges & in deeper pools during the day and at the mouth at night with our great selection of black rabbit variants, woolly buggers & lumo types. The winter runs are just around the corner and we wait with anticipation as those silver rainbow bullets come charging up the rivers to spawn.

Stay dry out there & enjoy the many many fishing styles & options we have on this amazing system!