Saturday 23rd September 2023

Saturday 23rd September 2023

Weather: Overcast with brief showers

Tongariro River Flow: 34.7m3/sec at 5.30pm


Daylight Saving begins tonight so don't forget to turn the clocks forward.


Overnight rain showers put a small rise in the Tongariro but hadn't coloured it up. By late this afternoon it has risen to 31cumec and remains fishable for now. More rain forecast for this evening will push it up some more and it will pay to keep an eye on the graphs and remain vigilant tomorrow.


Reports today have been positive with best results coming from the town pools of the Tongariro up to Fence Pool. Nymphing small naturals or swinging streamers will get a bend in the rod.


Tony has been back in town showing up all of us able bodied anglers with a nice return on the swing this morning. Tony is legally blind and fishes with his trusty carer, good on you Tony you're an inspiration.


The Tauranga Taupo has risen sharply today so a bit more rain has fallen in its catchment than what we have received here in Turangi. It was .2 this morning and is rising through .7 this afternoon. When it drops back it will no doubt spur on the remaining spawners and move around the returners making their way back down to the lake.