Saturday 25th February 2023

Saturday 25th February 2023

Weather: Cloud clearing

Tongariro River Flow: 29.8m3/sec

Today started out overcast with a wee shower or two but fined up into a pleasantly warm afternoon. The wind has dropped off a little as well. The next couple of days might have a sprinkle or two in them but the week coming doesn't look too bad at this stage.

The Tongariro looked great this morning with a clear and steady flow. Conditions appeared perfect for spending a day searching out hungry Trout. A couple of Rainbows were seen hugging the edge and darting out to grab the occasional tidbit floating past but I had to leave them, hopefully another keen eyed angler found them. They were in the perfect position to target with a dryfly and dropper rig, I will be looking for them on my next days off for sure.

The fishing has been a little challenging and it sounds like the juvenile Trout have begun to show up, it's always good to get some feedback from these little tackers and they are usually quick to take our drifted offerings but not when we are trying to feed a big Brown Trout lazing in the river edges. Covering water is the go at this time of year when looking for the larger fish and most methods can likely to get a reaction if you put in the time.

Stream mouths can be a good option now and a few hours put in with lumo flys can fire up the Rainbows but if you are after one of the stubborn Browns a larger black fly is usually to their liking. When out on a dark night a quality headtorch will keep the hands free to take care of business. Check out our range in store or on the online shop here.... Headlamps & Torches | Sportinglife Turangi (