Saturday 26th of November 2022

Saturday 26th of November 2022

The Bi-polar weather has continued to pass through the central plateau. Today we've had a still rainy morning, but I am currently looking out the window at a breezy blue-sky afternoon. The Tongariro is flowing at 45.5 m3/sec and has cleared up a little compared to the last few days, holding a nice green colour. 

Customers have come in today with stories of great success, especially from those wet lining. The recovering fish are starting put on condition as they gorge themselves on caddis dislodged in the high flow. There has been what seems to be a run of smaller fish in the 2-3lb range that are bright silver and fresh from the lake. Graeme Christie called into the shop this morning and picked up his brand-new Sage Trout Spey HD 11' 3wt and did not take long to put it to use. The smile says it all!! Well one Graeme :)

after a few failed attempts my efforts to fish through the dark have paid off with a chunky brown taken on a lumo doll fly. Hopefully this is the beginning of another great summer brown trout season.


Yesterday morning we were visited by lake fishing guru, Pat Swift. We have had a missive restock in jigging, trolling and harling flies ready for summer. We have also received a handful of his ever-popular jig rigs. These jig rigs are becoming increasingly hard to get hold of, and the jigging is certainly starting to pick up so it would pay to get your hands on some before we run out.


Hopefully this weather holds out for the rest of the weekend and the fishing continues to pick up. We've certainly had enough of this rain for the time being.

Tarn ><>.