Saturday 27 May 2023

Saturday 27 May 2023

Well, the sun almost made an appearance this morning, but the clouds have well and truly set in this afternoon and the chance of receiving some rain feels likely. Mixed reports on the river today with some people reporting good numbers of fresh fish and others having a little less luck. It seems that constantly moving around is the key and once you find a spot that's holding the fish it's all on. Spey fishing and wet lining is a great option when the fish are spread out like this as you are able to cover a lot of water effectively and it. The fish that have been caught have been in great condition which will hopefully continue through the winter.  

We now have two new models of groovy looking Guideline boots available. The Guideline HD Wading Boot is a perfect choice for the angler who spends lots of time by the water and wants a strong, durable boot to get the job done. With it's Vibram sole and reinforced upper this is one serious wading boot.

The Guideline Alta NGx Boot is designed to offer a blend of durability and comfort. In layman terms these are an extremely lightweight but durable wading boot that is perfect for the year-round angler. 

The fishing is going to continue to get better and with a bit more rain forecast in the coming days we might be in for another flush of fresh fish into the system. Fingers crossed!