Saturday 28th October 2023

Saturday 28th October 2023

After a mix bag of rainy and/or windy weather throughout the week Saturday has started off without a cloud in the sky and only a light breeze passing through town. We have had reports of fantastic fishing in the Tongariro which is currently flowing at 26.7m3/sec. A small natural nymph suspended underneath a dry fly is certainly the preferred option while fishing during the day on the river currently although there have been plenty of fish taken on egg patterns and indicator rigs across the last few days. The evening rise has continued to provide great entertainment with fish happily coming up to eat a parachute or split wing style dry fly. After dark swinging a large streamer may just tickle the fancy of a hungry brown trout, as Gabe found out last night.

The Lake has been producing very well for those trolling and harling. There have been plenty of brown trout caught across Tokaanu and Stump Bay area as well as some primo conditioned rainbows. As mentioned in previous reports The Tassie Devil in Smashing Pumpkin and Bengal Tiger colours have been the preferred menu item for both brown and rainbow trout.

We've stocked up on a range of Black Magic Rattle Snack and Enticer lures which have proven deadly over the last few seasons (be sure to swap the treble hooks for a single hook if planning to use these in Lake Taupo as it is regulation). We also have another Black Magic product that is new to the shop, The Dartspin! These will be perfect for both casting and retrieving like a normal spinning lure or trolling behind the boat depending on your preferred method.  

We're looking forward to all the fishing reports from across the weekend! the weather is stunning, and the fish are hungry so get out there and make the most of it.