Saturday 29th of July 2023

Saturday 29th of July 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 25m3/sec 

Weather: - 2°C to start but turned into a beautiful sunny day.

 It's a bitter-cold, near record breaking low for July. Check your rod guides for ice as we bet there will be some 🧊🥾

It is fantastic to hear from visitors and Turangi locals that there's some sizeable fish in great condition and quantity, we love to hear that folks are enjoying this playground we call home. 

The Tongariro is crystal clear at the moment which encourages algae growth on the rocks and boulders making it difficult to keep a sure footing.  We have stock of studs and cleats for those needing confidence when wandering around the edges and possible river crossings, tungsten carbide and aluminum. You are most welcome to have one of the team members install the studs for you 😀

Click here for fly tying vises, tools, & materials

Warm up by the fire with a hot beverage whilst tying up your favourite creations, or why not tie something new? There are quite a few folks in town for the fishing who have taken their vises along on the trip. It's not a bad idea! Tying while waiting for a rain shower to pass, or simply taking a break and topping up the fly box. We have good stock of Ahrex, Kamasan, and Black Magic hooks to suit your needs and a colourful wall of synthetic and natural fibers galore! If you haven't checked it out, pay us a visit.