Saturday 8th July 2023

Saturday 8th July 2023

***** Lost phone on the walking track between the Major Jones swing bridge and Judges pool, if found please contact us at the shop via phone or email. 07 386 8996 or *****

Oh, how the weather can change in a matter of 24 hours. Yesterday Neil shot down to the Tokaanu wharf to make the most of the beautiful blue bird morning and today he dawned the rain jacket to grab one of his trademark Major Jones bridge photos. The Tongariro is still low and clear however the flow is trending upwards as I type currently sitting at 27.6m3/sec. Thankfully the strong winds have subsided so hopefully we see a decrease in anglers coming through the shop with flies stuck in various body parts...... although I do get a small kick from removing them for people.

We have had very mixed reports coming through the shop with some anglers struggling and others finding good numbers in the rivers. the key seems to be to keep on the move and once you find a pod of fish it is on for young and old! Judging by this reports cover photo the endless search for fish seems to be driving some people a little bit crazy🤪 One thing is for certain you can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket! so get out on the water and get into it.

Mac Lyttle called back into the shop a couple days ago and he has topped us up with his famous Slushy flies. They have been in incredibly hot demand this winter and I dare say this batch won't last long!

Hopefully the rain keeps falling and we get some more water in the river which will encourage some more fish to run and make those that are already in the river a little easier to fool. As always thanks for everyone's support and we look forward to seeing you in the shop and on the water.