Saturday the 19th of August 2023

Saturday the 19th of August 2023

Holy smokes was it cold today, it's just gone past 5pm and it's cooling down further, it feels like the coldest day this year. There's thick cloud all over the Plateau and Mt Pihanga is no longer visible from town and I'd say there is a heck of a lot of snow falling on the Ranges and the Ruapehu.

Fishing reports came in a bit indifferent today with many anglers focused more on warm socks, gloves, thermals, fleece and jackets and getting a good coffee and pie in the system.

There is rain falling through town now which has been much anticipated and thought patterns suggest it will push a few fish into the rivers so it looks like it might be good times coming up once we see how tonight's weather pattern plays out.

One thing for sure is that whatever you are doing over the next few days, add some hand warmers to your world, at $2.50 a pop, get 10 of them and keep the hands and fingers in play all day. On the counter in-store or order them online below.