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Sunday 10th of July 2022

Posted by Theresa Beilby on
Sunday 10th of July 2022


***Our phone line is still out sorry......we are hopeful of being back up soon***
It appears to be a dim and damp day to some folks in the Central Plateau with the overhanging cloud cover and sporadic showers of rain, but to those who are currently out there fishing - they are living the dream. 
The Tongariro has dropped down to 35.7m3/sec and is superb for those nymphing and/or streamer fishing. Wooly buggers, rabbit streamers, glo bugs, and caddis nymph variants are heading out the door at time of report. The weather forecast indicates gnarly weather is on the horizon for Tuesday so we will keep an eye on it day to day and keep you all in the loop. 


If you've been instore over the weekend you may have noticed the Guideline range has expanded! We now have the Laxa Wader 2.0 and HD Sonic Zip Wader models and Laxa 2.0 Traction boot in a range of sizes. We have also topped up the favourites: Foldable Carbon Wading Staff, Experience Vest, Experience Backpack and range of ULS heads. 

Come in and have a look through for yourself and feel free to pick our brains as we have been using the Guideline gear and so far so good! 


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