Sunday 11th of December 2022

Sunday 11th of December 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 59.3m3/sec Weather: Rain/humid ☔

The downpours have returned to the Central Plateau as predicted with the odd electrical performance to compliment the mood. The Tongariro is up and discoloured, wetlining would be our method of choice while targeting fish sitting along edges or anywhere isolated from swift currents. Dark streamers producing movement would be the choice of fly, tied onto 10lb+ tippet on the end of a floating or intermediate line. If you need any help, come in and chat with Neil and I. 

🐜🦗🐝 Flies Available Online 🐝🦗🐜

I've been a busy bee getting a collection of dries and wee wets available for online purchase! A majority of them we use from now and through to summer (whenever it arrives 😅).

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Sporting Caddis


March Brown