Sunday 15th of January 2023

Sunday 15th of January 2023

Another wonderful day in the Turangi sunshine which keeps most happy! Mike got out for a spot of dry fly action and picked up a stunning brown a few days back, he's also a fan of fishing the smaller lakes of the Plateau so it's always good to catch up and share experiences about flies, lines, leaders and techniques!

The jigging continues to go off on Lake Taupo still seeing high numbers of recovering fish, but we see this as a good thing as they will soon put on condition with the abundance of food.

The rivers are fishing well, seeing good numbers of rainbows looking up and taking large and small dries depending on the scenario. Browns are making their move into the system and spotting them has been an easier task as the river is low and clear at present. 

I've been thinking about getting the Sage LL out for some use on the river as the lake gear could do with a rest and some maintenance (intentional share here, as I've got to follow through now😅) I haven't been spending as much time on the rivers as I'm more about the lakes for the time being, trying various methods using a selection of lines and flies. There's great satisfaction in the struggle and then that sigh of relief that comes when the efforts produce the desired results consistently.

We are very fortunate to have the accessibility to fish lakes and rivers, it's something to never take for granted but I'm guilty for it at the best of times. Tarn and I were chatting about it this morning and how one could be an excellent all-round angler if they desired to be, as the opportunity to fish all year is there and once again, we have rivers and lakes.

We share this in hope those reading might be inspired too. 

Tight lines

From Theresa and Tarn