Sunday 18th of September 2022

Sunday 18th of September 2022


Tongariro River Flow: 31.1m3/sec

Weather Conditions: 11°C ⛅ Mostly Sunny

The reports received are varying although most anglers are doing well presenting a range of flies and some are fortunate to find good numbers of chrome coming through in pods. Glo-bugs are still in demand, so Tim has been at the vice producing Black Magic Soft Eggs on hook and of course the traditional glo-bug.

Olive Green wooly buggers have been producing some fantastic fish for anglers who have been dabbling in a bit of wetlining, often time the larger fresh run trout.

We have had a couple of questions yesterday that stood out, so I thought I'd summarise them here. I'm sure readers out there know this although we have quite a few novice anglers who read our reports too. 

Q: How to approach the water when they're not taking a globug/bomb (heavy nymph)
A: Is the globug/bomb size/weight suitable in this scenario, perhaps use a lighter nymph or smaller globug. It could be an opportunity to turn over rocks, see what you find and try out a natural fly pattern which you think imitates the insect/s.

Q: What's a good tip to avoid unnecessary rod damage or breakage? 
A: before your fishing trip, rub a piece of wax on the male ferrule as this will stop the join loosening when casting (especially roll casting) thus avoiding the join hinging as it loosens, hence breaking. It also stops the joins sticking together.