Sunday 19th of June 2022

Sunday 19th of June 2022


If you've been fishing this weekend you'll probably know how good it is 😉 we are seeing and hearing great reports coming into the shop, in short the fish are fat, chrome and fighting hard. Angler's confidence flies are working a treat! Ranging from the wooly bugger, hare & copper, caddis, and ye olde trusty globug. Yesterday Josh and Jack popped into the shop before heading out and each had good numbers of fish to the net on both wetlining and nymphing - Josh christening his new Sage Foundation and Spectrum LT reel. 

The Tongariro has remained within that optimal flow of 35.8m3/sec due to the top of rain. Today's mostly been overcast with patches of sunshine and slight breeze. 

There's plenty of fish on the chew! It's apparent that caddis is the main food source for trout at the moment going by what anglers are finding in the stomach contents - including eggs, mayfly and dobsonfly nymphs. I lifted a pine branch and on it was a group of pine cones still attached and within the grooves there were caddis of varied size and colour, mostly olive green/brown. 

Fly tying materials have been going out the door today, so if you are a fly tyer and wanting to tie some of your own creations then come in and have a look at our material range or alternatively check out the options on the Sporting Life - Turangi website

Caddis on the Menu

Dobsonfly Nymph or "Toe Biter"