Sunday 1st May 2022

Sunday 1st May 2022

The last couple of weeks have been a blur with many taking the opportunity to butt the Easter Holidays up to the ANZAC weekend and now that we have made it to the end of the school holidays it has begun to quieten down through town. Today has been a bit overcast and a tad cooler but we sure can't complain after the brilliant run of sunny days over the holiday break. The photo below was from a calm morning during the last week, it didn't get any worse than this.

The recreation release that put some extra flow down the Tongariro yesterday stayed at a reasonable 38cumec and should have had a few Rainbows think about a dash up the river. Best reports in today have come from the early risers who staked a spot at the Tongariro delta and got into some very nice Rainbows. Tim has been busy at the vise today tying up a tray full of Booby eyed globug goodness that the Trout can't pass up. These work a treat when cast and left to sink into the rip with the fish hitting them hard. There are some tasty treats in the rack so come in grab a tray full and get amoungst the action.

I'm still hearing of fish stacking up in the lower Tauranga Taupo which comes as no surprise at this time of year but what is missing is some rain to really get them fired up. The other streams will all benefit from a flush also but for now fishing to what is currently available is still high class. Connor was out for wander on the Tongariro today and said that they got a hit or two but had to find some quiet water with a lot of anglers out and about. 

Pete Carty fished the Tongariro with good mate Jase and his son Josh for a few hours last week and found some Rainbows happy to take a well presented small dry fly drifted down a riffle. Well done Josh, I'm sure this one won't be the last.

The Ozzie invasion has begun and a few of the regulars have crossed over from the West Island to drop into the shop and gear up. This bloke travelled over and I'm sure most will remember this fella from back in the day...... it didn't take Deano long to get his rhythm back and put some fishy goodness into the bin, he did get some quality help from the team of Graham and Kath. Seems the apple didn't fall far from the tree.