Sunday 24th of September 2023

Sunday 24th of September 2023

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

Tongariro River Flow: 232.5m3/sec

The heavens opened up yesterday seeing significant downpours arrive during the night after a prolonged period of warm bluebird days. Some of us were up late last night, regularly checking the Genesis rain/flow data and wondering what it would peak to, as per chart you can see the Tongariro reached 419m3/sec and is steadily decreasing through the morning as the rain has stopped. 

We joked that the flooding is Tarn's fault who is en route to the Coromandel Peninsula for a week-long getaway! So, through the week you'll see Neil, Tim and I in the shop. 

The rivers are visibly dirty/high but there's still the keen angler out and about, making the most of the margins with large dark streamers or globugs. If you are thinking of heading out and needing some advice, come in and see us but remember to keep within your abilities and remain safe! 

Yesterday's rain left many anglers damp or soggy but happy with their fishing haul as there were some awesome fish caught in the Tongariro and surrounding waterways.

Niamh drove up despite the rain with a determined mind to get amongst the fishing with her father, Charlie Ward aka "Dinny" from Ireland 🍀 Mission accomplished, seeing good numbers of fish caught wetlining the Tongariro.

Looking ahead to more warm sunny days and the opening weekend approaching we have put together a list of our top items to have ready for Spring/Summer!