Sunday 29th of May 2022

Sunday 29th of May 2022

🙌🎣🌧 Rain on the horizon 🌧🎣🙌

It's calm and overcast in Turangi today and going by the forecast it appears there is good rain on the way which is what we are looking forward to. Connor and I have a day off coming up so a Tongariro spey day in the rain will be the deal! 

Tim and I are in the store today so come in and say gidday. Tim is currently at the vice tying up some more orange beaded wooly buggers which will go out the door when the rain arrives. 

The crew have been getting out on the water! With Neil raft fishing, Connor and Johnny at the Delta, Tim guiding, and Jaime and I on the river before work. The quality and fighting power of these fish are just amazing, and we can only see it improving from here on in. 

This morning natural flies worked a treat with the large models of trout picked up in the fast water, and a few small or coloured up fish in the soft water. 

Jaime and Tane with a fat rainbow 🦮 


Lee in action yesterday, guided by Tim McCarthy

Neil's weekend fish posing for the shot

Johnny with a solid fish from the Delta

Fish before work