Sunday 31st March 2024

Sunday 31st March 2024

Another cracker of a day here in sunny Turangi and the wind is on our side today with less gusts than we have had over the busy Easter weekend. There should be a good evening rise this evening as the sun has warmed everything up nicely. Mayfly have been spotted hatching from 6pm on sunny evenings, so don't be shy to give those mayfly patterns a go if you see hatching action on the surface.

We have had some great reports of fresh fish running up the river systems over the weekend and myself and the team have been out there seeing the magic happen of a few fresh pods moving up to begin spawning. The Tongariro is flowing low and clear at 26.3 cumecs but the fresh fish are sneaking their way up through the system anyway and make for wonderful explosive surprises! Their nymphs of choice include the red beaded Category 3 Pole Position & similar patterns and the hard to resist Hare & Copper in various bead colours, taking size 16 up to size 8s.

Stream mouth fishing is still hot, with good numbers being caught when the rips are heading straight out to the lake so the fish have good cover and feel safe to feed right into the shore. Rabbit flies, Paddletails & Pat Swift Smelt flies consistently do the damage, changing to a dark Woolly Bugger or Lumo fly as the light changes.

For those of you thinking of replacing your waders, come and see us for fitting you out before it gets busy for the winter season, we don't want to see you out of the water any longer than you have to be!

Have a great week & tight lines to all.