Sunday 31st of December 2023

Sunday 31st of December 2023


Tongariro River Flow: 39.2m3/sec

Weather: Rain/overcast.

Where did 2023 go? It feels strange to acknowledge the beginnings of a new year and we send our best wishes to all of our readers and friends of the shop! It has been a busy time here in store seeing many jig rigs, lures, rod/reel combos and fish smokers head out the door.

We will be open on New Year's Day as well as our online store where we will continue to promptly package and send parcels however delays can be expected as courier companies are very busy over this period.

Neil has been out there getting amongst the lake angling and hooking a few whilst in good company.

If you are fly fishing the rivers and would like to up the chances of catching a brown trout, now is the time to get your raincoat on and head out while the river is up and murky.

Click Here for Rain jackets.  

The intermittent rain has sent some unprepared folks in and it's a good thing we stocked up on rain jackets from Patagonia! while festival goers have grabbed a few of the ponchos which do just fine while you enjoy the music.