Sunday 7th April 2024

Sunday 7th April 2024

Happy Weekend team! We hope you have been out enjoying the sunshine and to all the boaties on the lake jigging, trolling & harling. 

We have had reports that the jigging has been happening around 35 - 40m deep and the flies providing the fish include the ginger mick, grey ghost & other similar smelt fly patterns. We have had reports that the smaller flies have been more popular with the fish, with Size 10 hooks or smaller enticing a bite.

We had an exciting visit from Hugo this morning who wanted an accurate weight on his beautiful 7.2lb brown trout he caught yesterday afternoon in the Tongariro, on our newly brought in heavy Category 3 Hare & Copper bomb with a heavy red tungsten bead. I love to repeat my mantra of the big fish love the big food! Don't be shy to entice these hungry monsters with a nicely presented big dinner item! Come see us in store so we can talk you through the perfect set up for targeting these big browns.

Don't get caught short WHEN you land your big trophy, our McLean's weigh nets give you an accurate on-bank weight that no one can dispute! 

See you out there,