Sunday 8th of October 2023

Sunday 8th of October 2023

Tongariro River Flow 27.8m3/sec

Weather: Partly Sunny

A blue sky to kick off the morning with some patchy cloud cover and not a sign of wind so, get your boats out while it's calm on the lakes 🚤

Tui birds are making the most of the kowhai trees currently in full bloom and laden with nectar, if you are on the river today chances are you will come across a similar sight to the one captured in the photos below! We are fortunate to have a kowhai tree right in front of the shop door, so if you're coming through to the shop take a look. 

I have been busy trying to get the dry fly display full! Now, before anyone says anything about some spaces looking empty, it's because you're looking at size 16-18s, okay😁 🐜🦋🐛🦟

There's plenty of hi-vis para Adams for those (like me) who struggle to maintain a visual on the fly while it's on the water. We also have larger dries for those keen to fish dry/dropper! Which is one of the go-to methods for us in the shop as fish are looking up and eating the dry on occasion. 

Reports of evening hatches have come through, so if you're fishing by day and are thinking of continuing on into the evening then be prepared to walk back in the dark with a headlamp 💡

Ledlenser MH5 Headlamp


Rosie had some afternoon fun with the chrome fish! Which kept her distracted from the rain... rain?! what rain??