Sunday 9th of April 2023

Sunday 9th of April 2023

Weather: Mostly Cloudy (rain forecast tonight)

Tongariro River Flow: 50.5m3/sec

We have had a few people come into the shop feeling a bit sore and damp after bombing out on the slippery rocks of the Tongariro 🤕 so lucky for them we have plenty of tungsten carbide tipped studs for wading boots and the answer is yes, we can install these for you! 

A wading staff is another way of maintaining stability on the river and we have a few of the Guideline Foldable Carbon Wading Staff in stock. 

Graeme is enjoying his weekend having caught a few fish with smelt patterns just along the lake edge and river mouths. He popped in for a chat this morning prior to heading out for a fish and soon after he sent through photos of a beautiful brown! We think it must have been a first cast wonder because it seemed like a few minutes after he left the shop 😎🎣

Awesome stuff Graeme, the team appreciates your reports!