Sunday 9th of June 2024

Sunday 9th of June 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 25.5 m3/sec Weather: Rain

Campbell stopped by the shop in the afternoon, following an early morning on the river with his son Harry, who shares his father's passion for the outdoors. 

Here's a quick report from Campbell: 

Although the river is quite low and it’s been a while since the last fresh, there are fish to be found and some real beauties. A small size 14 hare and copper behind a heavy nymph did most of the damage and we got 9 fish to the net for the morning. The other fly that caught a few was a 4mm orange soft egg. Once a pool had relinquished 2 or 3 trout it slowed so was time to move to a new pool. Very few anglers on the river so plenty of choice where to fish. When the river is low, it gives you a chance to wade and fish the tails of the pools where there's nearly always a few fish to be found willing to eat. As always, plenty of mending is required to get the flies drifting hard on the bottom and a 4mm tungsten bead, slim profile, lead fly helps to maintain the bottom in between mends.

Cheers Cam! Those of us working in the shop are looking forward to getting out there!! (tomorrow for me 😁)


At present, the lake and stream mouths are offering an abundance of quality fish. Photos shared by a customer show success with a white/grey booby and small globug, both available in our store. 

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