Thursday 11th May 2023

Thursday 11th May 2023

Who left the air conditioning on last night?! As I reluctantly crawled my way out of bed this morning and lifted the blinds, I was greeted by snowcapped hills surrounding Turangi and a crisp bite in the morning air. While I delayed stepping outside for as long as possible Neil was out there doing a mini–Mount Everest simulation by climbing the Turangi lookout to make sure we had some photos for today's report. We hope our friends at Toasted Chef have a heater in their food truck!


We received a decent amount of rain last night with the Tongariro spiking at 296m3/sec however, it has dropped swiftly and is now at the fishable level of 79.8m3/sec. This is our first proper cold snap of the year, and we have our fingers and toes crossed that once some snow melt chills the river temperature the fish will be running in full force! The up-coming weekend looks like it has some stunning weather in store for us which will present great opportunity to get over here and try get into some fresh chrome fish early in the season. Good customer Alan has been out and about braving the elements and fishing the high muddy water with his trout spey gear turning up a few lovely fish on his favourite woolly bugger patterns. Thanks for the photos, Alan. It's hard to tell which rainbow is prettier.

It hasn't taken long at all for Mac Lyttle's famed slushy flies to become a fan favourite amongst many of our customers (and staff). These will be the perfect pattern to fish as the river is dropping leading up to the weekend and are available instore or online HERE.  

Just in time for the cold snap we have received a full range of Thermatech Thermal tops and leggings, as well as a bin of woolly feet warming devices from the NZ Sock Co. These are the perfect on and off river accessories for keeping you comfortable in these chilly conditions. 


The shop is stocked, and we are ready for the fishing to kick off! and with weather like this it feels like it is only a matter of time. As always, the updates will keep coming so you'll all be first to know as soon as things pick up.