Thursday 16th of May 2024

Thursday 16th of May 2024

Tongariro River Flow: 27.5m3/sec Weather: Raining/overcast

Avoid making plans for the weekend unless it is to get over to Turangi for a fish on lake or river! The rivers are fishable at present, the Tongariro peaked at 32 cumec overnight and has since dropped. This weekend is going to be a stunner and we expect there to be good fishing all-round. Trolling, harling and jigging still continue to satisfy those fishing from boat namely Stump Bay, Kuratau, and in Tokaanu. The Tequila Sunrise Tassie Devil has been the lure of choice.

Hayley was up early and got herself out there for a fish as she has been mad keen to make the most of every day off especially in the rain! So, we look forward to hearing all about her day. 


I will hand today's report over to Josh Hart who has a true passion for fly fishing covering fresh and salt. He has spent the better part of summer in the backcountry and harbors, but now that the weather has taken a turn for winter, he is back out on the Delta getting amongst the fresh fish about to make their journey into the Tongariro. 


Gidday team! Josh here, as of lately I've been fairly well hooked on some river mouth action from the boat. It's addictive I can assure you that, the hard hits and strong fish keep you wanting more. What I've found to be quite effective lately is a smelt imitation with a little touch of orange or pink to it with a small egg trailing behind or simply a large booby fly egg pattern alone. Shorter leaders are the way to go, no more than 40cm in length and anywhere between 8 to 12lb. Getting to the bottom is critical, you cannot go past the RIO Fathom lines to do this. A sink 7 will have all bases covered even in the faster flows. There are some good numbers starting to show up, it's still early days though in the terms of winter runs, looking for even the smallest spikes in flow can lead to a good day out. I jumped at the chance with this recent rainfall, and it paid off, with some beautifully conditioned fish to the net it made the soggy endeavor well worth my time.