Thursday 1st June 2023

Thursday 1st June 2023

We have some pretty exciting news for the first day of winter! We have secured a small amount of the extremely popular Guideline ULS 3D+ shooting heads. These heads perform incredibly well in the Taupō fishery with their ease of casting and rapid sink rates they simply get the job done. These have been notoriously difficult to get hold of so do not miss out.

NEW available stock listed below.

12gr (#4/5) Sink3/5/7

14gr (#5/6) Sink 1/3/5 & Sink 2/4/6

16gr (#6/7) Sink 2/4/6 & Sink 3/5/7 

18gr (#7/8) Sink 3/5/7

Check them out online HERE

We have had drizzle and light showers for the entire day, but the Tongariro has kept steady flow currently sitting at 38.7m3/sec. Wet lining has been very successful today and nymphing with globugs has also taken plenty of fish. We've had a couple reports now of 10+ fish days for some so it certainly sounds like things are picking up.


Neil and I have been entering a bunch of stock today in preparation for the weekend. looks like the river level should stay fairly settled and we look forward to seeing you all.