Thursday 27th July 2023

Thursday 27th July 2023

It is anything but tropical here in Turangi today! We woke to a drizzly 2 degrees Celsius this morning, and although the sun attempted to make an appearance around mid-day it looks as though the clouds have prevailed and the temperature is set to drop again over night. We still haven't received any significant rain and the river is flowing at a crystal clear 25 m3/sec. 

Theresa and Robyn braved the freezing cold and found a handful of stunning chrome bullets making their way up river. Certainly, looks like it was worth the effort! Well done, Team. 

Neil has also been amongst the action today with his Sage Sonic 8wt nymphing up a storm with his trusty Category 3 Hare and Copper and the Always Borderline Gremlin sharing the spoils. It looks as though the cold temperatures have encourage some fish to make the move and it's nice to see some fat chrome fish in the river although some rain wouldn't go a miss to get some more fish moving and clean the sludge of the rocks which is making wading challenging at times.

I've been lucky enough to share shop duties with Tim over the last couple days and he has been tucked away at the vise tying some fluffy fish enticing creations with a limited run of Black articulated streamers and red stinger hook rabbits. There's only a handful each of these lovely looking patterns available instore so come and get your hands on some. 

The forecast for this weekend looks absolutely stunning and we hope to see plenty of people in town enjoying the sunshine! We are loaded to the brim with Woolly Buggers, Bombs and Globugs as well as everything in between. Stop in, get topped up and hound Theresa and Neil for their secret locations😉