Thursday 2nd June 2022

Thursday 2nd June 2022

Well the flood we have been patiently waiting and wishing for has finally arrived! The river looks very different to what it did last night, with some red hot action after dark before the rain moved in this morning. The river is currently sitting at 380 cumec and is heading straight up so don't be surprised to see it well and truly north of 400 before too long! This should clear all the debris and small trees, bushes etc. off the edges, push the small fish back into the lake and get the big rainbows in the lake frothing to start their spawning run so when this clears it should be on like donkey kong!

The fishing last night before this all came through was red hot, with plenty of fish on the move! A good mix of solid browns and some cracking rainbows took my big rabbit streamer that I swung through with the two hander, and I cant wait for this river to clear so I can get back out there again as the river should be loaded with fish.

We have had some great news, the box of flies tied by Steve Grace sold on TradeMe for $470, with all proceeds going to Didymo Dave to help out with the conservation and biosecurity work he does. This money will allow him to buy an extra 12 traps which will greatly increase his pest control abilities around Taupo so to all of our readers who contributed to the auction - thank you!

No better time than now to score yourself a new raincoat for winter and we have a large range instore from Simms, Redington, Patagonia and Guideline with plenty of options and sizes to keep you dry and warm in the inclement weather - check them out here

We will keep you all updated on the river heading into the weekend but for now we will sit back and let mother nature do her thing - a thoroughly cleaned out river that's loaded with big rainbows is on the horizon!