Thursday 2nd of February 2023

Thursday 2nd of February 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 42.1 m3/sec

Weather: Mostly Cloudy/Rain 

Please note there will be a recreational release taking place on the Tongariro river this weekend.

4/2/2023: 0900hrs - 1500hrs below Poutu dam and intake.

Just giving you all a heads up for your safety. 

Photos of the Hydro this morning

View above and below the main road bridge

Another damp and humid day for Turangi and the cicadas are still buzzing! 

The Tongariro is at a fishable level, perfect for wetlining and perhaps a spot of nymphing as there is a milky grey tinge to the water due to the near constant rain and resulting slips occurring along the river bank. In such conditions we recommend using flies which are dark and perhaps have a lot of movement, think of wooly buggers/rabbit zonker style flies for wetlining, or dark rubber-legged stone flies etc for nymphing.

Keep it fun despite the conditions out there, which are perhaps a let down for some but make the most of the situation at hand and use it as an opportunity to upgrade your skillset. If it were me out there today I'd 100% be casting large cicada patterns because that's my idea of a good time, or swinging some large purple intruder style streamer put together at the vice the night before 😅

Speaking of fly tying, we have a great selection of rubber legs which provide that extra movement and colour to streamers, nymphs and dries. 

 Guideline Foldable Carbon Wading Staff 

We now have this product back in store! Get in quick before they sell out as they're a popular tool to have on the river and trails. 

A lightweight yet sturdy option to help you traverse across the slippery rocks and boulders of the Central Plateau and beyond.

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