Thursday 3rd of August 2023

Thursday 3rd of August 2023

Tongariro River Flow: 24.9m3/sec Weather: Mostly Sunny/Breezy 🌥 

You bet it's cold! There's bound to be a few snowmen builds just south of town ☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃☃

Pīhanga is looking beautiful with a fine dusting of snow, and looking out to the east we have a picturesque view of the Kaimanawa ranges receiving their top up of snow while the sun keeps Tūrangi bright. 

Yesterday I had a list of things to do, and fishing was not one of them. But it's unlike me to ignore a calling from the water running beneath the bridge as I drove back home from Taupō, I quickly turned in and got geared up in preparation for the downpour which arrived shortly after I walked to the spot.

With very little time spent nymphing this winter I was dusted up by a couple of fish - definitely played too hard 😅 so I softened the approach and was soon bringing them to net. Most fish caught on the Gummer's Carpet Caddis BTB #14 paired with the Pink beaded variant #12. 

It's a great feeling to bring home a fresh fish harvested by yourself and to share it with loved ones. At Sporting Life - Turangi we have your Kilwell smoker needs covered. The Kilwell 5-Pack Sawdust Collection is a great way to try all the delicious flavours you can add to your harvest using a Kilwell smoker. I will try the hickory this evening!