Thursday 6th of October 2022

Thursday 6th of October 2022

⛄ Snow on Pihanga ⛄ 

Tongariro river flow: 34.3m3/sec

Weather: Overcast/sunny ⛅


When the Desert Road is closed you know it's a cold day! The heat pumps are on, and the wood burners are lit.

There's a good dusting of snow on Pihanga which overlooks Turangi, and there's no lack of winter woolies on those who are out and about. On my way to Sporting Life from Taupo I decided to stop in at the various rivers to see what was happening, the Waitahanui and Hinemaiaia streams appeared excellent to fish yet very quiet on the angler front. 

The Tauranga-Taupo's main carpark was seeing its first lot of anglers, and I must say I envy them! The river has that superb murky colouration to it which makes for an epic day of streamer fishing and nymphing. I pulled into the river mouth and walked upriver with the polarised sunglasses and noticed a few pods making their way up towards the bridge, there were a two people pointing out they had seen the same looking down from the bridge so it's exciting to know the rainbow runs haven't come to a halt just yet. 

View of the Tauranga-Taupo River Mouth. 

Looking out at a calm Lake Taupo

The Tongariro is looking beautiful this morning, looking at it from the Major Jones swing bridge you can see it has an emerald-green tinge about it. It would be well worth the cast but make sure you bring a warm jacket and a hot beverage! We still have plenty of Patagonia and Simms jackets to get you sorted. 

Looking up and downriver from the Major Jones bridge

 In preparation for the boating season which has just started kicking off we have received a Shimano order which the boys are sorting out currently! Stay tuned to see more Shimano Kidstix rods, straw hats, fishing sunglasses and of course more boating gear instore and online.