Thursday 7th of April 2022

Thursday 7th of April 2022

It's a beautiful Autumn morning here in Turangi and we are definitely feeling cooler in the extremities with that Southerly wind coming through. The Tongariro river received a brief period of rainfall overnight to bring in a few more chrome but otherwise nothing significant - we do need more rain to flush away the algae and it appears we will be waiting a while longer for it.
The other day I went for a wander through the mid reaches of the Tongariro and swung wee wets which saw a good number of the juveniles and some sizable fish netted and they sure packed a punch on the #4 Trout Spey. The larger fish were sighted in shallow slow moving water along the bank and took a lace moth pattern - there's not many of these triangular critters about but fish are still on them. 

🦋 Lace Moths Restocked 🦋

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