Thursday 8th of December 2022

Thursday 8th of December 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 28.9m3/sec

Weather: Mostly Cloudy

It's another warm, overcast day in Turangi and the lake reports are trickling through the shop this morning. Silicone smelt have been the top producing pattern at the moment, fished on a fast sinking line or shooting head such as the RIO Outbound Short I/S5/S7 

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Today we shine the spot light on one of my personal favourites in the Rio fly line range, the Rio Technical Trout Taper. This is the perfect fly line to get your hands on at this time of year. It's 10 foot front taper offers delicate presentation which makes this line perfect for dry fly and dry dropper fishing, add to that the extended rear taper which allows you to control your loops when casting at range and offers great ability to mend your line across differing currents. It is not the line to use when it comes to turning over heavy nymph/indicator rigs or large streamer but if you need some extra control and presentation when sight fishing with dry fly or small nymphs then this is the line for you! 

for the traditionalist out there this line also comes available in a double taper option. While a double taper line doesn't cast as well as the now more popular weight forward option they do mend very well. They also have they ability to swap ends once one end gets worn out.

The Weight forward models are available in both the Premier series and Elite. The Elite Series of lines incorporates the ConnectCore Plus which gives increased feel through the fly line and added durability giving the line a longer life on the water.

As mentioned this is my go to fly line of choice for all summer applications. if dry fly and sight fishing is your thing I highly suggest putting one of these through your favourite rod.