Thursday the 28th of July 2022

Thursday the 28th of July 2022

It's just gone 6pm and the rains are falling heavy again through Turangi. Late afternoon saw the Tongariro spike at 134 cumecs then begin it's drop but this current downpour and the long range forecast should see the the flow chart almost reading like a roller coast ride for the next wee while.

Keep checking back in for updates.

In the meantime it's a good time to prep with some fly tying of basic winter staples like Woolly Buggers, Glowys and Nymphs for when it's go time.

Glo Bug Materials 


Synthetic Body Materials 

Furs & Dubbings

Hackles & Feathers


It's just over 3 weeks till the Sporting Life Winter Fly Fest Kicks off and we will have the programme out this Monday.

We have a superb lineup of speakers on various topics and lots of new gear to try out.

Click this link at hit going to register SPORTING LIFE WINTER FLY FEST 2022


Guest Speakers