Tuesday 10th of May 2022

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

It's rather windy out there so hold on to your hats! 

Rainfall was received as expected but that has been and gone as the sun is seen piercing through the clouds. The Tongariro river remains low and clear at 20.2 m3/sec but there's some cracking fish out there - that's for sure! Neil is currently on the water today for some Spey action and sent us the photos below

Yesterday I gave the Sage R8 9'6" 6wt a run to find pods of chrome and they were surely found in various lengths but full of condition. Mostly the "bullets" within the 2-3lb range but full of fight and putting in a good bend for sure! The odd larger model was found throughout the day but more consistently toward sunset. I've been using RIO'S Elite Indicator - Tongariro Roll Cast line for a few months now and I am pleased with the extra distance and weight it can carry with ease through all water whether fast or slow moving and it mends effortlessly (same line Pat Nepia uses in photo below).

  Pat Nepia, The Turangi Troutcast has been out in his natural habitat too and sent these through yesterday.

So you see, the fishing is superb at the moment! So don't delay your next trip into Turangi - come in and chat with us.