Tuesday 12th of December 2022

Tuesday 12th of December 2022

Tongariro River Flow: 40.6m3/sec

Weather: Cloudy ⛅

Yesterday we were fortunate to enjoy a rare bluebird day on the Central Plateau following on from the heavy rain we have been experiencing. Andrew accompanied me on an afternoon trip to Lake Rotoaira as the rivers were still high and dirty. We both fished a team of buggers stripped on intermediate lines and once clean water was found we did very well. Today we are putting through our latest top up of Wapsi fly tying materials into the system, so expect them to be online and in store by the end of today!

The Tongariro flow has decreased and looks amazing for wetlining or nymphing. Keep in mind that the temperature is warm, so you may find a few rising if this is your cup of tea. 

Anglers Image CARSON CLIP & FLIP

Back in stock by tomorrow 

Clip-on, flip-up magnifying lenses that turn your distance glasses into reading glasses. Magnifying lenses clip onto the nose-piece of your glasses. Crystal clear and distortion free lens. Flip-down for magnified image or flip-up for normal viewing. Perfect magnifier for fly-tying, reading, tying on those #24 Trico's in the early morning hours, and other low vision tasks.

Included with a soft pouch to protect the lens from dust, debris and from scratching. Compact, lightweight and easy to use. Magnification is +2.25.

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