Tuesday 14th November 2023

Tuesday 14th November 2023

A gusty southerly yesterday had anglers employing the chuck and duck method to show the Trout their offerings but in the late evening it calmed down to something a little more manageable. Today the reality and the forecast couldn't be further apart. We expected clouds and rain and ended up having blue sky and bright sun for most of the day and that pesky wind came back as well. The predicted overcast has arrived this afternoon so we hope the rain doesn't amount to too much, currently the Tongariro river looks super fishy with flow at 25.6m3/sec

Some great reports came in through the weekend as the Ladies introduction to Flyfishing gathering saw both newcomers and old hands having a supurb time in fantastic sunny conditions, a great time was had by all. We look forward to seeing you all back again soon.

Now we have some more daylight of an afternoon Jonas took the chance yesterday to go for a flick after work and got quite a nice fresh fish on a Hare's Ear fly. If you tie yourself here is all you need for this pattern: 

Tarn was out and about yesterday and gave Lake Otamangakau a go with the pontoon boat, a couple of very nice Rainbows came to hand. I believe he had a secret squirrel mission today to a bit of water that can hide some solid Rainbows, job done if the photo is anything to go by.

Sam dropped into the shop yesterday to sort out a new line and promptly went out to give it a stretch, what better way than to let the fish to do it for you.