Tuesday 17th May 2022

Tuesday 17th May 2022

The rain continues to fall here in Turangi this morning with a consistent drizzle falling since the shop doors opened. No heavy showers as of yet however it appears there is some forecast so we will see what happens, with the way the forecasts have turned out in the past couple of months I'll believe it when I see it!

I headed out with Simon and Jim yesterday to target the rips on the eastern side of the lake and it was a battle against the elements with a strong wind in our faces all day. We fished nearly all of the rips and ended up with a few nice fish to the shore so perseverance payed off, some settled weather will be very welcome! The Guideline ULS heads and 30ft shooting heads did the damage with fish getting caught on a mix of white booby flies and heave & leaves. 

Simon battling the wind and waves, nothing like a good splash down the waders to wake you up!

Hooked up at dusk, a beautiful time to be on the water

A great representative fish of what has been getting caught around the lake at the rips, there has been some stunningly conditioned fish around lately so get out there and get amongst it!

The Tongaririo has dropped back down to 21 cumec but there has been some great fish getting caught, moving around till you find the fish has been the way to go lately with early risers doing well on globugs in the low light and the green caddis, hare and coppers etc. as usual continuing to provide some action during the day. There has been a couple of great browns landed too so don't discount a night fish swinging some big streamers! There hasn't been many people targeting them lately so it will be well worth a go. 

Theresa has been busy filling up the new wall with all of our hooks, beads, eyes and all sorts of other goodies! We are constantly adding more materials so come in store and check it out - if we don't have what you need we can certainly do our best to track it down for you!