Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Tuesday 23rd of May 2023

Weather: Mostly sunny!

Tongariro River Flow: 45.1m3/sec

The wet weather has eased off seeing a beautiful sky over the glorious Tongariro which is fishing well this morning according to customers who popped in for a chat and a fly box top up before heading back out. The great thing about the Tongariro (which we try our best to avoid taking for granted 😅) is the fact it drops and clears quickly, so despite all the rain it's fishable within a day or two. You've all heard this before but it's always a great idea to fish while the river is high and murky, plenty of large fish have been caught through the years in such conditions wetlining or nymphing. 

Tim and I are in store today, so come on in and say gidday! 

We have received a top of Redington Landing Pads which are a must have storage solution for waders and boots in between fishing spots and home - just remember to hang/dry the waders and wash the boots when you've hit home base! 

Redington Landing Pad – Sportinglife Turangi (sportinglife-turangi.co.nz)

A full range of Always Borderline nymphs will soon be available online! You may have seen them instore on the display rack, they look amazing and sure to attract both angler and fish.

Flies tried and tested through the years on Central Plateau waters and further afield - so stay tuned!