Tuesday 28th June 2022

Tuesday 28th June 2022

It has been a chaotic few days for the team at Sporting Life and Turangi in general with the first Matariki holiday weekend! There was some fantastic fish caught all over the show and loads of very happy anglers through the shop sharing stories of the big ones that got away and of course the mandatory fish photos! It has been awesome to see the sheer quality of the fish coming through the rivers so far this year, long may it continue...

The Hinemaiaia, Tauranga Taupo and Tongariro all produced some fantastic action and although angler numbers were high there was plenty of fish to go around. Globugs have been getting hammered with the ever faithful C3 Hare and copper, Gummers Carpet Caddis and the 101 all flying off the shelves! You can check them out here - they are a must have for the winter and summer fly boxes so be sure to have a few in the fly box!

Young gun Cole and his Dad Scott have been regular visitors here in the past few weeks and have kitted themselves out with some Redington goodness for a bit of Euro nymphing and have been nailing some nice fish, well done boys!

Redington Tilt Euro Nymph Reel – Sportinglife Turangi (sportinglife-turangi.co.nz)

Redington STRIKE Euro Nymph Fly Rod – Sportinglife Turangi (sportinglife-turangi.co.nz)

I took the boys out for a few hours chasing rainbows after a bit of a hiatus for them from the freshwater fishing and they nailed some great fish.


We have had a good restock in the past few days of a few items including Hanak hooks and beads, assorted dubbings and other fly tying goodies, the new range of C&F Flyboxes and the much awaited Guideline order is hopefully only a short wait away, we will let you know as soon as it is in our hands!

Don't forget that the new season starts on Friday so be sure to have your new license locked and loaded! Call in to the shop and we can get yours sorted while you pick up some ammunition to get yourself amongst some of the fantastic fishing we have going on at the moment.