Tuesday 29 November 2022

Tuesday 29 November 2022

It has been cool and overcast the last couple days here in Turangi. We are certainly hanging out for the warmer weather as the prospect of dry fly fishing is starting to weigh on the mind. The conditions may not be ideal for dry fly, but it certainly hasn't stopped shop dad, Neil from dusting off his trout spey set and finding a few fish. Medium sized olive woolly buggers were the snack of choice, and a few fresh fish are always a bonus at this time of year in amongst the recovering fish. 


We have a few models of Wiley X sunglasses in stock, and they are going cheap! All models are polarised and ideal for all fly-fishing applications. come instore to check them out or click HERE to see them online.

Its threatening to rain over the next 24 hours but the remainder of the week is looking like it's going to be absolutely stunning! We are all looking forward to starting our summer tan, suitable beer drinking weather and maybe a tad off dry fly fishing.

Tarn ><>.